This is what a realistic, going into Design Development, 45 story tower generating Grasshopper definition looks like.


When last minute design changes, short deadlines, and multiple users enter the world of parametric design it is easy to be intimidated by this interface at first. For this reason I want to share some good resources that provide beginning users with a solid introduction to Grasshopper.

Required Software:

Rhino is the program that hosts Grasshopper it can be downloaded Here

Grasshopper is free and can be downloaded Here


Here are 169,000 YouTube Tutorials, seriously, everything you ever wanted to know is somewhere in here, the search function is your friend.

More specifically though  Mode lab YouTube tutorials are great, some are a couple years old but if you click the video below and do all 10 tutorials you will have a good working knowledge of Grasshopper by the time you are done.



Andy Payne and Rajaa Issa  have published a 75-page manual to help people get a basic understanding of Grasshopper. You can download the pdf and the source files Here

Forums: forums host an amazing community, I find treasures in the pages of this forum on a daily basis. Every question you could ever ask has already been answered here. Use the search tools to pinpoint the threads that contain the answers you need. They also host a stash of Tutorial Videos.


Food for Rhino houses almost every plugin you could ever desire. Browse the site to find the right plugin expand your grasshopper’s capabilities!

Check all of these resources out, you are not alone, lets see what you can create by harnessing the power of Grasshopper!